Christadelphian Youth Activities

Swimming Gala Instructions / Rules

Entrance Fee: 2.00 per person (adult or child, swimmer or spectator)

Venue: Abbey Stadium Sports Centre, Birmingham Road, Redditch, B97 6EJ

Food: Vending machines available.


  1. The management have instructed us that NO OUTDOOR SHOES ARE TO BE WORN AT THE POOLSIDE. This applies to competitors, leaders and officials.

  2. The side of the pool gets very congested, particularly during the width races. In the interests of safety, we would ask groups to limit the number of leaders at poolside to one only.

  3. Competitors should wait for their races at the spectators' side of the pool only.

  4. Competitors must not enter the spectator area in wet costumes.

  5. So that the lane marshals can clearly see the positions of the finishers, it is important that no competitors or leaders stand about at the finishing end of the pool.


  1. All width races will start in the water. No diving will be allowed into the shallow end.

  2. Please try to ensure that your youth group members behave themselves, particularly when they have finished competing. No members should be allowed out of the building unattended. Each team should provide one poolside leader to accompany their team.

  3. Cash and valuables should not be left in the changing rooms. Competitors should ask leaders to look after them.

  4. A competitor may compete in their own, or a higher age group.

  5. Leaders must ensure that all competitors are fit to swim. In particular it should be noted that relay races follow on immediately after other senior events, so swimmers may be called upon to swim twice in quick succession.

Team Entries

  1. Races are open to all who regularly attend Sunday School, C.Y.C., or any other meeting.

  2. The ages of the entrants are those on the day of the Gala.

  3. A Sunday School/C.Y.C., may only enter one competitor for each event.

  4. A competitor may enter TWO events only, plus relays. A girl may swim in the boys’ relay, but a boy may not swim in the girls’ relay.

  5. No competitor may represent more than one Sunday School/C.Y.C.

  6. The combined ages of the four team members in the senior relay must not exceed SIXTY YEARS (for the purpose of calculation any swimmers over 21, will count as 21). The junior relay is open to all swimmers aged 11 or under.

  7. Each team must be accompanied by a leader who will be responsible for:

    • Notifying the marshals of additions or cancellations from their entry.
    • Ensuring competitors report to the marshals in good time for their event.
    • Ensuring competitors are aware of the name under which the team is entered.
  8. Amalgamation of C.Y.C.'s to form one team must be indicated on the entry form. Amalgamation will not be allowed on the day - prior notice must be given

  9. All entries are to be recorded on the entry form and returned on, or preferably before the date specified, to the address on the entry form. Additional entries and substitutions will be at the discretion of the marshals.


  1. All finishers in every heat will gain points towards the trophies as follows:

    1st: 4 points; 2nd: 3 points; 3rd: 2 points; all other finishers: 1 point

    The relay scores double points.

  2. Trophies will be awarded to the winning Junior team, (up to and including 11 years old), and the winning Senior team, (12 years old and over), who will retain them for 12 months. The relay will count towards the Senior trophy. There will also be an overall trophy for the team with the highest combined score.

  3. The first, second and third in each heat will receive a badge, which will be awarded through the evening, following each heat.