Christadelphian Youth Activities

Family Quiz Evening

Unfortunately we are not planning a quiz evening this year.

Quiz Evening

The quiz is an enjoyable evening for all, no matter what your knowledge – and knowledge doesn’t really help that much! The quiz is general knowledge with a mixture of bible-based and other rounds.

There are about ten rounds of questions; each round being eight to twelve questions. The Question Master will put all questions to the team verbally. Answers to each round will be on a piece of paper, and all members of the team collectively join together to answer them. We would emphasise that no one will be asked questions directly, so no one will be put on the spot and made to look silly if they don’t know the answers – it is a written team quiz.

There is no limit to the number of teams that you can enter. There are now no age restrictions, you can have a maximum of five members in a team. years. It would be useful to have a spread of ages, as there will be questions aimed specifically at the younger team members, who may be the only ones who will know the answers. The scorers will mark each round at the same time as the next round's questions are being asked. An overall score for the round will be noted, but no indication of which questions were answered rightly or wrongly will be given, so as to avoid embarrassment in not knowing the answer to a specific question.

We will end the evening with pizza, delivered to order. Charged at cost. We shall cover any other expenses by means of a voluntary donation.